Last edit: 2021-09-21

v.5.1.1183.109 build 1012

Release Type: Official

Release Date: 2021-05-24

PHMI-900 Feature Active Directory - Improved popup error messages for Windows users.
PHMI-879 Feature Updated change user password method to prevent authorization errrors.
PHMI-841 Feature Added ODBC plugins for SQL Server 2017/2019.
PHMI-838 Feature Made 'Locked' and 'Disabled' not editable for Windows Users.Version
PHMI-832 Feature Check licensing requirements for Datalogger/Recipe
PHMI-828 TKT-046132 Feature Help - Updated information about System Commands for ExecuteCommand instruction API.
PHMI-824 TKT-045979 Feature Fixed memory leak on Alarm Dispatcher plugins.
PHMI-814 Feature Help - Updated names in OPC UA chapter.
PHMI-805 Feature Help - Updated information for Active Directory function.
PHMI-731 Feature Help - Updated information about "Subs, Functions, Events, Methods and Properties" chapter.
PHMI-235 Feature Help - Updated Supported ODBC Plugins list.
PHMI-897 Bugfix Active Directory - Fixed error message text for wrong password change action.
PHMI-852 Bugfix Fixed error in the list of system command function.
PHMI-837 Bugfix Made messages popup modal for login errors.
PHMI-836 Bugfix Fixed Windows Users not recognized when added for the first time.
PHMI-835 Bugfix Fixed Level Mask not updated for new added windows users.
PHMI-781 Bugfix Alarms window and mobile app gives wrong time when connecting with Ubiquity Web pages on RM11
PHMI-255 Bugfix Help - Fixed Links between help pages for gesture. Updated informations.
PHMI-722 Feature Aligned WinCE 7 constraints to Win32 ones.
PHMI-833 Bugfix Added inheritance of language from belonging group in case it is not set at user properties (Windows users).
PHMI-831 Bugfix Fixed crash when logged in with a new Windows User but this is not present in Runtime User File (.rtusers).
PD-206 Bugfix Fixed crypted password not saved correctly in some cases.- S7TIA_ProfiNET version S7TCP_TIAPortal version
PD-205 Bugfix Import from PLC disallowed in case of password protection and password not supplied in station properties.- S7TIA_ProfiNET version S7TCP_TIAPortal version
PHMI-804 Feature Added notification to the user when new password doesn't satisfy the requirements of password complex criteria (it must be enabled on domain controller side).
PHMI-803 Feature Added password expiring notification for Windows User after login.
PHMI-823 Bugfix The option 'Demo' removed from the Combobox.
PHMI-817 Feature Aligned Premium Runtime Users login failure messages to Runtime Windows Users messages.
PHMI-802 Feature Added password changing (from domain controller or by user choice) for Windows users.
PHMI-825 TKT-045667 Bugfix Fixed frame not centered correctly on WinCE.
PHMI-815 TKT-045640 Bugfix Removed unwanted console log messages in uastack startup on WinCE.
PHMI-798 Feature Added synchronization of Windows Runtime Users with Domain Controller.
PD-203 Bugfix Fixed retentive tags not imported.Driver version
PHMI-797 Feature Added diagnostic on user login failed.
PHMI-801 TKT-045519 Bugfix Fixed crash when using IP Camera without authentication on WinCE.
PHMI-793 TKT-045411 Bugfix Fixed the crash in the "Print Internal Report" command.
PHMI-792 TKT-045384 Bugfix Fixed error in CSV file Export.
PHMI-752 TKT-043536 Bugfix Fixed the view of the password when the object property 'Password Style' is enabled in Web Client
PHMI-783 Feature The OPC UA xml files are encrypted when the project is crypted.
PHMI-762 TKT-044077 Feature Added Basic256Sha256 secuirty policy handling.
PHMI-790 TKT-041376 Bugfix Fixed the date/time problem with HTML5 WebBrowser and different TimeZone.
PHMI-782 Bugfix Fixed ip address not working on URL when using certificates (Sign mode)
PHMI-786 Feature Added missing properties to OPCUAClientObjCmdTarget.
PD-195 Bugfix Fixed arrays of structures containing arrays not imported correctly.Driver version
PHMI-770 Feature Added Import and export feedback in the recipe manager window object
PHMI-768 Feature Function 'Speak' removed
PHMI-712 Feature Added automatic installation and enabling of DotNET framework 3.5 during setup.
PHMI-774 TKT-044530 Bugfix Fixed the problem of Alias ​​management used in the Combobox object and in the scripts.
PHMI-769 Bugfix Fixed dynamic property inspector for XAML objects
PD-192 Bugfix Fixed CIO objects not imported.Driver version
PHMI-765 Feature Added new system variables for release and internal build.
PHMI-764 Feature Help - Updated SMTP error codes table.
PHMI-745 Feature Help - Added documentation for Active Direcotry groups management.
PHMI-742 Feature Help - System Variables table updated.
PHMI-739 Feature Help - Added documentation for System Variable DispatchingError
PHMI-758 TKT-044108 Bugfix Fixed error update 'Datalogger/Recipe' name in all Premium objects where used.
PD-196 Bugfix Fixed crash when writing on member structure of type string and communication was not established.Drvier version
PD-190 Bugfix Fixed import from file of structure arrays when the structure contains at least one string.Driver version
PD-187 Bugfix Fixed station property not displayed on importer dialog.Driver version
PHMI-741 Feature Added ODBC status system variables from Movicon
PHMI-740 TKT-042566 Bugfix Fixed wrong field values ​​in the text report on WinCE
PD-186 Bugfix Fixed communication not working when extra characters are received after the end of the answer (probably due to slaves hardware errors).Driver version
PD-185 Bugfix Fixed MPI not working with PLC S7-315 SPS, 6ES7 315-2AF03-0AB0.MPI Server version
PD-178 Bugfix Extended maximum number of PLCs connected to 8 (before was 4) for WInCE.Driver version version
PHMI-191 Feature Added new system variable 'Alarm dispatcher state'
PHMI-737 Bugfix Fixed version system variables values of PremiumHMI
PHMI-736 Bugfix Fixed Active Directory working also in demo mode
PHMI-723 TKT-041940 Bugfix Fixed HTML5 webserver security problem.
PD-184 Bugfix Fixed structure fields of type 'Boolean Arrays' not imported correctly.Driver version