Perfect prints with LP2200

The challenge

Flexography has become one of the most versatile printing technologies on the market capable of offering high quality and extreme flexibility on substrates and in a mix with other technologies. Flexo is particularly suitable to print high-coverage, special, metallic colors, texts, and varnishes offering a wide color gamut and precision of details. OMET flexo stations can feature either sleeves or cylinders technology and print using UV or UV LED, EB, water-based, or solvent-based inks, in standard or vertical configuration.

It is in the field of flexo presses for label printing that OMET needed to identify a new solution for the automation of the system, to replace the existing classic one based on modular PLC and operator panel, which would be technologically up to the level of a cutting-edge product, with compact features for the reduction of the overall dimensions and the maintenance of the size of the electrical panels, as well as being competitive from the cost point of view, which in any case remains an important factor.

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