Panel IPCs

Panel IPCs feature a wide range of integrated LCD from 6.5” to 24” and various kind of front panels both in aluminum or stainless steel with resistive or multitouch capacitive touchscreen. ASEM offers a complete range of systems for every need of performances, configurability and expandability.
7 Products

QT2150 - HT2150

Entry level compact panel IPC based on Intel® Bay Trail platform

QT2200 - HT2200

Entry level panel IPC based on Intel Bay Trail platform

QT2250 - HT2250

Compact entry level IPC Panel with Intel® Apollo Lake™ platform

QT3200 - HT3200

Mid-range Panel IPC based on Intel Broadwell U Platform

QT3500 - HT3500

Mid-range Panel IPC based on Intel Kaby Lake U Platform

QT3400/QT3600 - HT3400/HT3600

High performances Panel IPC based on Intel Skylake H and Kaby Lake H Platforms

QT5400/QT5600 - HT5400/HT5600

Maximum performances Panel IPC with forced ventilation based on Intel Skylake S and Kaby Lake S Platforms