Panel PACs

The current portfolio of ASEM PAC solutions includes the LP25 and LP30/31 families with ARM Cortex A8 (i.MX535 1GHz or i.MX537 800 MHz) processors, the LP40 family with ARM Cortex A9 (i.MX6 DualLite 1,0 GHz) and Windows Embedded Compact 7 Pro operating system, the LP2200 family with Intel® Celeron J1900 quad core (2,00 GHz) processor and LP3400/LP3600 families with Intel® 6th or 7th generation Core™ i3, i5, i7 processors, with Windows Embedded Standard 7E/7P 32/64 bit or Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 64 bit operanting systems.

ASEM panel PACs have an integrated MicroUPS with supercapacitors or a UPS with integrated electronics and external battery, both with 512kB MRAM (Magnetoresistive RAM) for retentive data management and, in addition to the SoftPLC, they provide simultaneous execution of Premium HMI visualization software and UBIQUITY remote assistance software, representing the new frontier of "Ready to Automation" systems.

5 Products

LP30 - LP31

Single-core ARM panel PAC

LP40Q - LP40

Dual-core ARM panel PAC

LP50Q - LP50

Multi-core ARM panel PAC

ARM multicore based Panel PACs

LP2200Q - LP2200

Panel PAC with x86 CPU

LP3600Q - LP3600

High performances panel PAC with x86 CPU