Application Software

ASEM offers a range of software products and services to meet all the needs of the automation world in the Industry 4.0 era. 

Complete and safe remote assistance with the UBIQUITY platform, the added value for all automation devices.

Open, scalable and flexible HMI projects with Premium HMI.

Machine and process control thanks to CODESYS, the world's number one SoftPLC and SoftMotion tool.

Infinite implementation possibilities with UNIQO that, thanks to the versatility of the revolutionary "Full OPC UA" architecture, allows not only to realize responsive, modern and cross-platform operator interfaces but also to create solutions for Industry 4.0, getting the most out of the OPC UA standard in all industrial communication scenarios (field, M2M and cloud).

7 Products


Secure and complete remote assistance for Industry 4.0

Secure and certified technology for remote assistance through interactive services and optimized VPN connection for access to the automation sub-network


The revolutionary software for HMI, IIoT and Industry 4.0 applications

Full OPC UA" cross-platform software platform for the development of modern, responsive HMI and Industry 4.0 solutions


Flexible control of PLC and Motion logic in a single development tool

The world's number one SoftPLC that turns ASEM systems into powerful IEC 61131-3 controllers

Premium HMI

Scalable, open and flexible HMIs

Complete software for every visualization and monitoring need

Premium HMI Mobile

HMI at your fingertips

Mobile app which offers the possibility to view and interact with Premium HMI projects from smart devices

Premium HMI IIoT Cloud Connector

The software solution for Industrial IIoT cloud-based application

The software solution for Industrial IIoT cloud-based application

ASEM System Manager

A software utility suite for the management of the panel for WinCE and Linux systems