Secure and complete remote assistance for Industry 4.0


Secure and certified technology for remote assistance through interactive services and optimized VPN connection for access to the automation sub-network

UBIQUITY is the complete, safe, and IEC 62443-3 certified solution for remote assistance on any type of plant.

UBIQUITY uses the state of the art technology for secure communications over the Internet ensuring performance and security for remote assistance in the fields of industrial automation.

UBIQUITY is available as a software application for Windows CE, Windows 32/64, and Linux systems. The installation does not require IT skills for the configuration of networks and various firewalls, whose use is facilitated by a user-friendly interface that allows access to remote systems (PLC, inverters, drives, etc..), with a simple click using a VPN optimized for industrial communications. ​

UBIQUITY is also available as a hardware solution thanks to the UBIQUITY Router RK1x and RK2x families that allow using of the remote assistance features of UBIQUITY in systems where the software application is not conceivable.

The solution allows the transparent management of remote systems as if they were connected to your company network, excluding the intervention of the network administrator on any NAT, proxy, firewall, public IP, or reserved ports.

UBIQUITY is included in all HMI, PAC, and IPC with Microsoft Windows designed and produced by ASEM and besides representing an added value for all supervision, control, remote assistance, and remote control systems of the company, it is a solution that is also proposed to the market as a software component to be installed on third-party hardware.

It is possible to download the software components from UBIQUITY's thematic site where the online Help and the product News are also contained.


Because UBIQUITY is designed for the Industry

State-of-the-art security certified IEC 62443-3

Easy to use: no maintenance (automatic updates), no specific IT knowledge required, simple installation, configuration, and use

VPN optimized for Industry: VPN at a data-link level without intermediaries and routing rules, equivalent to wired connection over LAN switch and compatible with all Ethernet protocols and ensuring low latency

SW & HW solution: ideal for both greenfield and brownfield installations

Because UBIQUITY is secure, reliable and flexible

Maximum performances: speed and reliability guaranteed by end-to-end connection

Multi-platform: available for both x86 systems with Windows 32/63 bit or Linux Debian, and ARM systems with Windows CE or Linux Yocto, Roko, or Zeus

No limitations on the number of connected devices, simultaneous connections, and VPN traffic

Scalability and future-proofing: redundant cloud-based server infrastructure, ensuring load balancing and fault tolerance

Beacuse UBIQUITY is complete

Advanced user management: user management with advanced profiles and granular permissions and structured and flexible organization of devices and users


Advanced tracking and audit: administration activities, connection activities, data traffic monitor

Augmented reality fully integrated with the entire infrastructure

Web API for maximum integrability in proprietary applications

Components: field devices

The UBIQUITY platform has 3 different components that make the devices in the field reachable by remote support technicians: UBIQUITY Runtime, UBIQUITY Router, and UBIQUITY AR App, for remote assistance through augmented reality.


Software application 

installed on the remote device of any type, both based on x86 platform and Windows 32/64 bit and Linux operating systems and on ARM platform and Windows CE or Linux operating system, which allows access to the system itself and to the automation subnet. 

It does not require any additional hardware or network configuration and uses the existing Internet connection.


Hardware + software solution

that guarantees remote assistance and remote access on any automation device where it is not possible to install the software application, through a router, also available with extended temperature range and equipped with 4G-GLOBAL modem and Wi-Fi interface through which it is possible to reach and monitor plants and automation networks without a wired internet connection.


Mobile App 

available for Android and iOS devices allows the field operator to show the technician on Control Center the scene framed by the smartphone camera. 

The two technicians can also interact using geometrical shapes and freehand over-image drawings anchored to the real detail. 

The augmented reality functionality is fully integrated with the UBIQUITY ecosystem, thus being able to use the functions of assistance request and chat, as well as the possibility to track the activities carried out during the remote assistance session through the audit functionality.

Components: remote support

The UBIQUITY platform has 4 different components that allow remote support engineers to connect with devices in the field: the Windows UBIQUITY Control Center application, the UBIQUITY web app, the UBIQUITY VPN Mobile app and the Web API exposed for interfacing with third-party web applications.


Web API 

to integrate UBIQUITY functionality into third-party applications, e.g. the management dashboard of a system where there are UBIQUITY Routers, systems on which the UBIQUITY Runtime application is installed, or devices where the UBIQUITY Augmented Reality app is installed.


Android App 

for the activation of a VPN connection to access remote systems to devices connected with and their automation subnets.

UBIQUITY Control Center

Windows application 

which is installed on all computers used for remote support technicians. 

It activates the connection with remote devices for interactive services and VPN for access to the automation subnet. 

Allows management of domain resources, management of users, and their permissions, and device registration and management.

Components: server infrastructure

To provide excellent service, ASEM has set up a redundant and globally distributed server infrastructure that ensures scalability and service continuity.

In the same way, it is possible to replicate and prepare a private server infrastructure managed in total autonomy.

UBIQUITY server infrastructure

Through ASEM's cloud-based public server infrastructure, each customer, within their domain, is not subject to any limitations regarding the maximum number of configurable users, associated devices, concurrent sessions, free access to network traffic via VPN. 

The infrastructure has two servers in Europe (Munich and Amsterdam), two in the United States (West and East Coast), one in South America (Brazil) and two in Asia (Singapore and Hong Kong).

The ASEM public server infrastructure uses the best security techniques for information exchange such as SSL/TLS and public-key encryption to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of the exchanged data.​

Private Server Infrastructure

The Private Server package allows the user to install a private server infrastructure in complete autonomy.

The private server can be installed on dedicated machines or cloud servers. 

There are two possibilities of implementation: Primary Server and Secondary Server

Primary Server

  • Contains data: manages authentication, permissions, security
  • Manages the licenses of UBIQUITY Runtime, acquired by the client
  • Performs the relay function for the implementation of end-to-end communication

Secondary Server (optional)

  • Optional package with relay functions. You can buy several secondary servers and install them in different parts of the world by building a second server network parallel to the "public" network
  • Implements the relay function for end-to-end communication
  • You can install multiple geographically distributed instances to decrease latency and balance traffic

Basic connectivity services

The first purchase of a UBIQUITY RUNTIME license, of a UBIQUITY ROUTER or of a system on which the UBIQUITY RUNTIME application is installed requires the sending of an activation key for the access to the cloud infrastructure managed by ASEM, gives the right to the perpetual use of the basic connectivity services and enables one connection at a time to one of the remote assistance systems.

Secure end-to-end connectivity

Secure end-to-end connectivity for device access and use of interactive services:

Remote Desktop 

  • You do not need to keep RDP services active or install additional utilities such as VNC.

File exchange

  • Complete tool to download and upload remote files
  • No need to open shared folders or install additional applications such as FTP server


  • It is possible in many cases to avoid using the phone to communicate with remote operators and simply take advantage of the chat, saving costs


  • UBIQUITY Runtime supports multiple simultaneous connections by multiple supervisors both with interactive sessions (remote desktop, file transfer, etc.) and in VPN 
  • Multiple interactive sessions with different devices and a single VPN connection to a remote device are possible
  • Maximum productivity thanks to the possibility to work simultaneously on the same machine

User management

UBIQUITY allows the creation of an unlimited number of users, user groups, device groups, each with different access rules. 

Permissions can be configured by enabling and filtering each user's access to individual remote devices. 

Four different user profiles:

  • Administration: allows the management of users and folders
  • Device Installer: allows you to add new devices from the domain 
  • Network security: allows configuration and fine-tuning of firewall rules
  • Remote access: allows you to practice remote access sessions

Users can implement their own organizational structure (consisting of users, administrators, power-users, third parties involved, limited users, etc.) to reach in a flexible and controlled way all plants worldwide with the possibility to create subdomains, local and global users.

Access to remote devices is adequately protected and reserved for authorized personnel.
Automatic selection of the best connection

A simple function that measures the quality of the connection on both local and remote networks. Performance is measured in terms of latency time, jitter, and packet loss.

Programmable updates

It is possible to receive information on the availability of updates for UBIQUITY runtimes or UBIQUITY routers and to select which device to update and when, immediately. 

Updates can be launched immediately or scheduled within a specified time interval. 

The process is performed securely and without the need to be on site. Similarly, UBIQUITY Control Center also supports notifications for the availability of updates, to keep it always aligned with the latest release.

UBIQUITY X: advanced connectivity services

UBIQUITY X is a package of advanced cloud-based connectivity services able to meet the increasingly dynamic needs of companies that use remote assistance for plant commissioning, malfunction analysis, remote training, and all other activities that especially today you choose to perform remotely in total security. 

The structure of the new commercial proposal based on a SaaS model makes the UBIQUITY platform even more competitive and makes the maintenance and continuous development of new functions sustainable.

The services of UBIQUITY X can be used by purchasing a subscription of a fee that includes the sending of an activation key for access to the cloud infrastructure managed by ASEM and, depending on the type purchased, gives the right to 2, 5, 10, unlimited simultaneous connections with the UBIQUITY Router, with the systems on which the UBIQUITY runtime application is installed and with the mobile devices on which the UBIQUITY AR and UBIQUITY VPN apps are installed and also gives the right to basic connectivity services.

Advanced audit

UBIQUITY records on your cloud domain all the activities of connection to devices and domain administration operations.

The administrator has the possibility to verify at any time the workload carried out by the after-sales support operators, verify the correctness of the work performed, and obtain statistics by customer, PC, operator.

Advanced user management

Hierarchical organization of devices and users of the Domain in folders and subfolders with the management of administration rights for subdomains not possible in basic services.

Definition of local administrators of subfolders with visibility restrictions only to the underlying folders (subtree).

The domain administrator maintains full visibility throughout the tree.

Useful to separate domain management into independent subdomains representing different business units and/or facilities located in different geographical areas.

Device geolocalization

Geolocalization of devices with positioning on geographical map

Connection authorization

Through Control Center it is possible to configure UBIQUITY Runtime on a device in such a way that it requires interactive confirmation from the field operator on possible incoming connections from Control Center by remote support technicians.

Once the incoming connection is accepted, a widget always appears in the foreground that will indicate the remote users currently connected and with which it is possible to interrupt remote connections at any time.​

Assistance request

Support for sending notifications for the request for assistance directly from the system in the field.

The request for assistance is sent directly from the Ubiquity Runtime interface by simply clicking a button inside the UBIQUITY Runtime control interface. 

The Control Center user enabled to receive assistance requests, will see a visual notification (pop-up) that indicates the request from the operator in the field.

It is also possible to configure the sending of an e-mail following the request for assistance to the authorized support technicians.

Augmented reality

Easy and intuitive to use, and available free of charge for iOS and Android, UBIQUITY AR makes visible on Control Center the scene framed by the camera of the operator's smart device in the field with the ability to create 3D annotations and 2D freehand drawings on the scene framed by the camera both by the operator and by the remote support technician from Control Center.

Fully integrated into the UBIQUITY ecosystem:

  • Permission management
  • Cybersecurity standard IEC62443-3
  • Connection Log
  • Supports "requests for assistance"
  • Supports chat

Web API to integrate UBIQUITY functionalities into third-party applications, for example within a management dashboard of a system where there are UBIQUITY Routers, systems on which the UBIQUITY Runtime application is installed, or devices on which the UBIQUITY Augmented Reality app is installed.

VPN from smart device

Activation of the VPN connection of UBIQUITY from Android mobile devices for easy connection and authentication to the Domain even when Control Center is not available and compatible with any other App that needs VPN connection to access applications installed on devices such as management interfaces or web HMI exposed by PLC and servo drives connected to the automation subnet.

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