Premium HMI Mobile

HMI at your fingertips

Mobile app which offers the possibility to view and interact with Premium HMI projects from smart devices

Premium HMI Mobile is the app released by ASEM to view and interact with Premium HMI projects, running on Machine HMIs, via mobile devices (iOS and Android) connected to the enterprise Wi-Fi network or via 3G/4G connections, using the UBIQUITY VPN App for Android systems, that allows to use the UBIQUITY VPN on smartphones and tablets too.

Premium HMI Mobile requires Premium HMI "Advanced" Runtime licence and it is available for free on App Store and Google Play.


Better control in production lines

With Premium HMI Mobile, machinery supervision becomes more flexible and efficient. The user can control machines directly from the factory floor, even in large plants or applications with several production lines.

Independent project visualization

• The native configuration of Premium HMI web server, allows  you to independently manage projects on PHMI Mobile, while the local user can continue working on the machinery HMI.
• Premium HMI Mobile manages the iOS/Android device screen resolution independently from the machine LCD resolution, resizing the pages according to the visualization needs of the mobile device user.

Security and users management

Premium HMI Mobile supports the same security and user management features of Premium HMI. The access to pages and commands can be controlled as any Premium HMI project. Whether the application has access protection, all Premium HMI Mobile sessions will be exclusively activated through access credentials


Enable Premium HMI Mobile connectivity with Premium HMI Studio

To run a project on Premium HMI Mobile, the user has to include the "System Variables" by right-clicking on the Variable database icon and selecting "Add System Variables".

Connect the mobile device to the wireless infrastructure network

When the project is transferred to the Panel PC / HMI, the device must be connected to the wireless network (1)  or a VPN connection. In the case Premium HMI Mobile is meant to be used by means of a 3G/4G Internet connection, UBIQUITY has to be run on the smartphone or tablet, downloading the Android App "UBIQUITY VPN", that allows to connect mobile devices to the UBIQUITY VPN.

1. Premium HMI Mobile performances may vary according to wireless signal strenght and to the processor of the device running Premium HMI Runtime "Advanced" licence

Connect the mobile device to the IPC / HMI

Once the installation of "Premium HMI Mobile" on the iOS/Android device is completed, connect it to the wireless network, insert access credentials on the home screen (IP address, screen name, username, password and resolution desired) and click on the connection button to start remotely interacting with the project.

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