The number one control tool in the world.

Flexible control of PLC and Motion logic in a single development tool

With more than one million installations, CODESYS, from 3S-Smart Software Solutions, has become a global standard in Industrial Automation, being the world's number one independent platform for multinational PLC manufacturers.

ASEM logic controllers base their PLC functionalities on the established and widespread SoftPLC CODESYS of the German 3S, with a highly efficient implementation of version 3.5 that guarantees the deterministic execution of PLC control logic with WinCE and Win 32/64 operating systems and allows the full transportability of projects between the different operating systems and hardware platforms without the need of intervention on the project code.

Also the CODESYS platform, like all traditional PLCs, provides a development environment (CODESYS Engineering) for the realization of projects, then executed from runtime, and the availability of the most common industrial fieldbuses in master mode (such as CANopen, Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP) for communication with field peripherals. CODESYS - The number 1 control tool in the world.


Flexible PLC and Motion logic control in a single development tool

• Perfect integration of auxiliary components for automation engineering:​

 - SoftPLC

 - SoftMotion

 - CNC

• CODESYS SoftMotion covers all motion functions, from motion management of single axis to 3D CNC interpolations

• The possibilities offered by the standard IEC 61131-3 give no limits to the complexity of the tasks to be assigned

Transferability of projects to different platforms

• A project can be used on different platforms and operating systems without the need to modify or change settings in the development too

5 different programming languages in one flexible development tool

Text editor:

 - IL (Instructions List) similar to the Assembler programming language

 - ST (Structured Test) similar to programming in PASCAL or C

Graphic editors:

- LD (Ladder) allows the programmer to virtuallycombine relay contacts and coils

- FBD (Function Block Diagram) allows the user to quickly program both Boolean and analogue expressions

- SFC (Sequential Function Chart) suitable to program sequential processes

Performance guaranteed with the proprietary compiler integrated in the development tool

• Proprietary compilersintegrated in the development environment transform the code created by CODESYS into native code for machinery (binary code) then downloaded on the controller
•  The compiler does not weigh on the machinery hardware, lightening the load and therefore optimising controller performances
•  Performance is much improved compared to controllers executing an interpreted code

High potential and usability for the effective implementation of complex automation projects

• Fast machine code for different devices and complex applications, generated by compilers widely tested in industrial environments
• Scalable function - usable both on simple configurators and potent auxiliary tools for the static analysis of the code or integrated UML diagrams
• Modular programming philosophy orientated to the repeated use of functional blocks in the libraries

Several debugging functions help in writing and maintaining applications

• Breakpoint
• Force
• Trace
• Debugging
• Online change
• Multi application
• Recipe
• Symbol management
• Multi-user operation

The components

CODESYS advanced development tool includes different programming languages for the development of applications in a single expandable platform

• Modern development platform with editor and debugger compliant with IEC 61131-3 standards.
• Integrated compilers transform the code created by CODESYS into native code for machinery (binary code) then downloaded on the controller, thus enhancing performance of the system for industrial applications. Various ASEM CPU are supported, from ARM Cortex A8 platforms to different x86 processors.
• Once online, CODESYS offers debugging features such as monitoring/writing/forcing of variables by setting single passages of breakpoints/performing or recording variable values online in the controller in a ring buffer (Sampling Trace)
• Availability of additional tools for easier high-level programming language.
• Modular expandability with specific plug-ins.

The installation of CODESYS Control Runtime System converts any type of industrial PC into a powerful scalable PLC, leveraging the performance of the PC itself.

• ASEM offers controllers based on Windows 32/64 bit, Windows CE or Linux operating systems
• ASEM integrates the CODESYS Control Runtime on several PAC systems (Programmable Automation Controller) dedicated to control:
• The CODESYS Control Runtime System can also be installed on all other x86 families of the ASEM Industrial PC range, able to support also SoftMotion e CNC applications

CODESYS - Fieldbus

The CODESYS development environment integrates the support of different fieldbuses such as CANopen, Profibus, EtherCAT or Ethernet/IP, including additional protocol stacks
• Support for the most used fieldbuses with integrated configurator: CANopen, Modbus, Profibus, etc.
• Support for real-time Ethernet systems: EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, etc.
• Management of I/O assignment and diagnosis independent from fieldbuses

CODESYS Motion and CNC

Logic control and Motion control in one development tool. An optional modular solution is completely integrated in the CODESYS programming system to manage complex movements with a IEC 61131-3 programmed controller
• Management of any type of application, from simple basic Motion applications to complex CNC controls
• Library modules for the control of interpolations and transformations and for axis control - PLCopen

OPC UA Server

• Open & Standard communication interface for device interoperability in the Industry 4.0 scenario

 Collects data from the symbolic configuration of the development tool and communicates with UA OPC clients

I/O Modules

Integrated and simplified support for the configuration of a full range of Remote Input / Output modules

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